Seeking Intelligent Life…

Much is written, both seriously and jokingly, about the search for intelligent life “out there”, elsewhere in the universe.  Sure, why not – could be useful.  At the same time, I suggest we cultivate the intelligence that exists collectively here, on our little planet.  We (self included) operate at such a suboptimal level, despite the immense potential of our brains.  I’m including all types of intelligence, such as linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, naturalistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and whatever else there might be.  All are so necessary for expanding the experience of life.

The connection to sustainability?  I feel sustainability is less of a moral issue – doing good to planet and people – and more of an intelligence issue.  Living interdependently with nature and each other is the smart thing to do.  It works and it works well.  Nature, if you look closely, is more about cooperation than competition.  I am certain that we have the innate abilities it will take to design systems for living which are more in line with nature.  Many innovators are already on this path.  Others are leading the dialogues needed for creating respectful social systems that support our global community.  Still others are questioning traditional economic practices, especially those which do not take the cost of natural resources into account.

If each of us called forth even a fraction of our creative potential that lies ready, waiting to be summoned…  Let’s astound the future generations!

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