Who is Rebecca?

Actually, “who is…” is always hard question to answer as we are rather complex beings and always changing.  I will attempt to share some of the events of my life to paint you a picture.  But at the deepest level of being, I am part of you and of all that is.  At the level of my storyline, I am like a single drop of rain; at the level of me as an essential being, that raindrop is part of the vast ocean of raindrops.  And I don’t feel anyone can truly understand that Whole, that Oneness.

Back to the single raindrop.  I have always loved horses.  As a youngster I begged for lessons and read everything related to horses – fact and fiction.  I dreamt about them, created scrapbooks of pictures, and galloped around the yard on imaginary ones.  Finally, one Christmas, my parents bought me a pony: Dancer.  My sister got his “twin”, Prancer.  Horse heaven at last!

A few years later, Ginger, a gentle Appaloosa, was my life raft through the shark-infested waters of the high school social scene.  She continued as my companion through college, bore a fine colt, and both lived out their lives on the ranch my folks bought for retirement.

Meanwhile, my life followed a winding path: several states, several colleges, a couple of marriage partners, a variety of work experiences and, best of all, a son – Logan.  But little contact with horses for about 20 years.

When Logan turned 10 years old, he asked for horseback riding lessons.  Yes!  An excuse to have horses back in my life!  In March of 2006, we purchased Caruso, a  little chestnut Arabian gelding that Logan had been riding for a couple years.  Presently, Logan is shifting over to cars, and I am becoming Caruso’s main partner.  He has a home for the rest of his life!

As for the college years, I majored in the sciences: biology, chemistry, and microbiology, topped off with a Master of Science degree in Veterinary Sciences – Immunology from Oregon State University (1993).  I worked about 20 years in science laboratory jobs (animal viruses and water analysis).

My informal education has been more diverse: wildlife rehabilitation, ecology, self-development, interpersonal relationships, leadership, quantum physics, metaphysics, spirituality, nutrition, financial services, cattle ranching, and carpentry. I co-founded, co-directed, and was part of every aspect of development of the non-profit, Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

My current passion is bringing sustainability principles and practices to equine owners, whether they have one backyard horse or an extensive enterprise.

And for the “outline only, please” folks:

Father: an Air Force Chaplain and amazing mechanic (left this world in 1997).  Mother: a talented homemaker who raised 5 kids, of which I am the eldest; she is now grandmother of 11, ages 22 to 4.

Born in 1956 in Roswell, New Mexico – draw your own conclusions…!

Lived in Mississippi, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, England, Florida, Guam, and Wyoming before I graduated from high school.

After high school: South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Montana, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado and now Oregon (home since 1985).

For college and jobs, see above.

I am always reading and learning, and I am enjoying my journey!