Environmental Sphere

Cascade Building Systems – Membrane Building. Buildings, such as the stables or arena, are a major part of any equine facility.  Choosing environmentally-friendly materials, and incorporating energy efficiency are important goals for a Sustainable Equine Enterprise.  The Cascade Building Systems company is continually implementing green practices, and their buildings fit several environmentally-friendly criteria.  The basic building structure is a steel tube frame (consisting of about 65% recycled steel), covered by a heavy-duty translucent fabric that allows natural light through.  The buildings use about 90% less artificial light, thus saving energy and energy costs.  The fabric is an excellent thermal insulator, which helps keep the area cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  The buildings can be set up quickly and with less waste, thereby saving construction costs and energy. Membrane buildings help earn points toward certification under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.  Learn more about these great buildings at www.cascadebuildings.com.

O2Compost. It seems to me that more comes out of the horse than goes in through its mouth. And where to put all that poop becomes every horse owner’s big question!  The folks at O2Compost have your answer.  Their aerated bins and bays have a simple, elegant design, that doesn’t require any turning of the manure. The O2Compost Systems keep manure out of the streams and wells, control smells and flies, and produce marketable compost in a very short length of time.  Do yourself and your horse a favor by checking out their website!