Turn Back, It's a Trap!

Most wild horse and Western movie fans know of the box canyon trick for capturing a band of horses.  The unsuspecting herd is gradually hazed down a valley into a high-walled canyon with no egress.  Meanwhile, a fence is thrown up or gate closed across a narrow part of the valley to block escape back [...]

Riding The Bus

Since it is always good to “walk your talk”, I thought I’d better start riding the bus to work, instead of driving my car.  Mostly to save on oil (gasoline) consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  Besides, with 201,000 miles under her belt, I thought I’d better stretch what life was left in the ol’ girl [...]

Thinking Outside the Body

The world is awash with all manner of concoctions which promise to ameliorate any perceived malady of skin and hair.  These lotions and potions run the gamut from common ingredients one finds in the food pantry, to highly secret – and, of course, very rare – balms for the aristocracy.  We are encouraged to beautify, [...]

The Great Contentment

Probably most of us have parents or grandparents that lived through the Great Depression.  Even though it occurred decades ago and the economy seemed to heal, I’m not sure we Americans ever recovered psychologically from those times.  At first, practices of frugality, reuse of items and establishment of an emergency fund were carefully followed.  Communities [...]

Conversing with Animals

The first animal communicator I became aware of was Dr. Doolittle.  It didn’t matter to me that he was merely a character being played by Rex Harrison.  I was enthralled!  What a great ability to have; why couldn’t we all do that?  Apparently that is a common desire, because the movie was remade (starring Eddie [...]

Living Consciously

I was raised with the ‘work hard’ ethic.  Hard work was admired and rewarded.  It was all that was needed to be successful.  Working hard left you feeling good about yourself.  To an extent, much of this still rings true for me and I’m not afraid to work hard when it is needed.

But I don’t [...]

Father Really Did Know Best

My father, like many of his generation, was a master at ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.  We just thought he collected and kept useless junk.  All manner of parts and pieces grew in the dark corners of his workshop and garage; it crept into the yard and fringed the barn.  Sad looking carcasses of the automobiles that [...]

Seeking Intelligent Life…

Much is written, both seriously and jokingly, about the search for intelligent life “out there”, elsewhere in the universe.  Sure, why not – could be useful.  At the same time, I suggest we cultivate the intelligence that exists collectively here, on our little planet.  We (self included) operate at such a suboptimal level, despite the [...]

Mares of the Night

As I slept under the full moon, the ‘night mares’ came,

Galloping, whirling, in and out of shadow.

A rare and welcome visit; I must awaken enough to listen!

They are generous with their insights and wisdom.

They guide my thoughts deeply into the questions of past days, weeks, even years.

Ah, yes.  Now I see.

Not all are answers; some [...]

Corrective lenses

When I was 16 years old, I started wearing glasses to correct my near-sightedness.

Only recently, in my 50’s, have I recognized another kind of near-sightedness in myself.  I was unaware of how little I viewed of the world beyond my own life.  How little I thought about, let alone understood, the impact of my daily [...]