Leaders in Sustainability

This list is for individuals, groups or businesses that have a written vision for sustainability and are practicing their principles.  I feel The Natural Step organization has one of the best definitions of sustainability, involving three nested spheres: the environment, people, and economics.  Unless all three areas are addressed, there is no real long-term sustainability.  I use their guidelines in my personal life and in my mission to bring sustainability principles and practices to the equine world.

I invite equine owners and businesses to become sustainability leaders in the equine world.  Please contact me if you feel you belong on this leader list!  I have also created pages for each of the spheres, and am listing groups or businesses that have practices which are noteworthy in each of the areas.

The Natural Step. In the late 1980’s, Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, a Swedish doctor and cancer scientist, started the conversation for consensus on basic ideas of sustainability.  He worked with many other scientists and doctors to design the four systems conditions and set up the international non-profit organization called The Natural Step.  The details of this story can be found at Our Story/The Natural Step .  There are chapters of The Natural Step in Canada and the United States.

Interface, Inc. Though not connected directly with the equine world, a company that I feel epitomizes a commitment to sustainability is Interface, a global manufacturer of commercial interiors.  In 1994, founder and Chairman Ray Anderson read Paul Hawken’s “Ecology of Commerce” and set the company on course to achieve true sustainability.  One produt they manufacture is carpet tiles, and the service they offer is to install the carpet tiles and later replace those that get worn down.  They take the worn tiles and use them in the process of manufacturing new ones.  They have several styles of carpet tiles that are great for muddy boot traffic!

Interface is also passionate about sharing their sustainability practices with other companies and showing them how they can thrive in this new paradigm.  Visit InterfaceRAISE to find out more!