I have always focused more on what is working and what is possible, than on what is wrong.  There is no need to convince anyone that many things are adversely affecting the planet and all life on it.  Those who have awakened are already designing, creating and implementing new ways of living in harmony with the planet and the products to support this choice.

In the definition of a Sustainable Equine Enterprise, three parameters are addressed: the earth (environment), people and animals, and economic factors.  These are described as nested spheres in the expanded definition.  I am searching for equine enterprises, and businesses that serve the equine world, who have a written vision for sustainability, which includes all three parameters, and are taking action on that vision.  Those will be listed on the first page, Leaders in Sustainability.

Meanwhile, there are equine enterprises and related businesses which I feel are making progress in at least one area of sustainability.  I will present each under the appropriate catagory, chosing the most pertinent if the entity could be listed under two catagories.

Please contact me if you would like to be listed!