Expanding on the Sustainable Equine Enterprise…

The term ‘consideration’ is used in business as one element of a legal contract.  It stands for ‘an exchange of value’.  It can be money, or an item, or a promise given in return for something from the other party.  I chose the term for its multiple meanings.  When we are considerate toward one another, we are polite, kind, thoughtful and loving.  We can treat the earth the same way, of course, and many people do by adopting earth-friendly ways of living.  But have we ever thought about what we can actually give the earth in exchange for all the value we receive from it?   In what ways do I effectively contribute to the earth?

The Natural Step Network Canada, in their Sustainability Primer, address the concept of ‘basic human needs’.  They share Manfred Max-Neef’s summary of nine universally fundamental needs: subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity and freedom.  I feel that most, if not all, of these apply to our equine partners, also.  How do I fulfill those needs, for myself and my equine friend?

A steward is a person (or business) who has been entrusted with managing something of value.  The person is knowledgeable, wise and honest.  Generous implies an attitude of abundance; the understanding that money, like other forms of energy, is most effective when there is flow.  When resources are shared, all benefit and synergy is created.

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