Love in action

Most of us equine owners (caretakers) would say we love nature.  We love being out in nature.  Some of us trail ride across prairies or deserts or through forests or across mountains.  Some of us herd cattle from one place to next.  Some of us participate in cross-country jumping.  The very fact that we interact with horses may be partly because they link us to something natural, to an essence of wildness, to all the flora and fauna, to a realm that is still quite a mystery to us.

In any close relationship, it is great to hear “I love you”.  An important thing to share!  Yet I’m sure you will agree that the words are not enough.  If our interactions with another are rather non-loving, the relationship will no doubt eventually fall apart.

I feel this is every bit as true in our relationship with nature, our wonderful environment that gives so much to us.  What do we give in return?  What actions demonstrate our love for nature?   And which don’t?

Let’s love nature through word and deed!

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